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About the SATPID

On December 6, 2018, the San Antonio City Council approved the creation of a San Antonio Tourism Public Improvement District (SATPID) that went into effect beginning January 1, 2019.  In accordance with Texas law, hotels with 100 rooms or more within the City limits of San Antonio participate in the district.  The TPID assessment only applies to hotel stays that are also subject to City hotel occupancy tax.  Hotels in the District would charge a 1.25% pass-through fee on each taxable room night folio that covers the cost of the TPID assessment for the hotel.  The TPID fees are remitted to the City under the same schedule and process now in place for payment of the hotel occupancy tax.  The purpose of the SATPID is to utilize the TPID assessment fees to drive increased hotel business demand for participating properties through strategic sales and marketing initiatives.

The SATPID has two zones.  Zone 1 consists of properties within the San Antonio Central Business District (CBD) and Zone 2 consists of properties outside the CBD but within the City limits of San Antonio.  The SATPID Corporation (SATPIDC) maintains a Board of Directors comprised proportionally of members of the two zones.  The primary driver of the recognition of two zones is to facilitate marketing and sales strategies that are impactful to hotels within each of the two participating zones.  Additionally, the SATPIDC will provide direction and oversight to Visit San Antonio on the various sales and marketing investment strategies undertaken with SATPID funds.

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